If there is one thing that is dynamically changing in our time than anything else, then that is technology. The last decade has seen revolutionary changes in the way we live and work. Continued research and development are rapidly improving the existing technologies while also creating new revolutionary ones. 2019 is expected to become a year of major digital transformations.

  • Operationalizing of 5G networks

The much-anticipated 5G network technology is here with us. Much of the groundwork regarding the development of this technology has already been done and tested by various tech companies. 5G network technology will see unparalleled data transfer of up to 10 gigabytes per second. This is expected to affect other major areas as far as networking and data transfer is concerned.

  • Autonomous technology

The autonomous device technology is already at an advanced stage. Barely a few years after the development of the first robots and drones, we are already experiencing a boom in advanced autonomous vehicles. 2019 presents the world with revolutionary options as far as the confluence of artificial intelligence and applications of autonomous devices is concerned. Advanced smart robots will be expected to perform delicate operations with surgical precision and accuracy.

  • Artificial intelligence

The development and application of artificial intelligence is expected to take a new shape this year. Among the anticipated improvements and breakthroughs in artificial intelligence include the development of virtual assistants that are capable of replicating human activity across the web on platforms such as chatbots which will continue to serve as customer service agents. A merger between artificial intelligence and autonomous devices will lead to safer autonomous vehicles.

  • Blockchain technology

The conception of the idea of decentralizing and distributing large digital data across different interconnected computers will play a major role in defining the future of large data processing. This year, more blockchain projects trying to address the existing technological challenges in areas, such as banking and insurance, will come into play.

  • Digital ethics

Virtually all technological advances anticipated this year will revolve around data processing. Even as we gear a step further towards achieving an integrated world, more challenges are expected as far as the ethics and privacy of data use and handling is concerned. The rising trend of data insecurity and cyber theft is expected to have more tech companies come up with ways of protecting the integrity of their data.