Spring is one of the most beautiful times to visit India. Although the weather is still far warmer than many expect in March or April (the average is 90 degrees Fahrenheit), you can discover some of the country’s most beautiful views and natural landscapes if you decide to embark on a trip.

Where to Visit India During the Spring

Some of the best destinations for India in the spring include Bir, Yumthang, Gulmarg, and Araku Valley. These locations all feature vastly different landscapes, but all of them are rich in natural beauty.


Bir is situated at the threshold of the Himalayas and is accessible via taxi from the Dharamshala airport. Bir is an altruist’s ideal destination, offering plenty of volunteering opportunities for tourists to connect with the Earth. Those who are interested in the art of meditation will also find Bir to be exceptionally welcoming as there are many courses offered to travelers along with ecology lessons.

Yumthang Valley

Boasting one of the most incredible floral displays in the world, Yumthang Valley is home to the Valley of Flowers, which reaches full bloom toward the end of April and in early May, making spring the perfect time to visit. The destination is also a nature lover’s paradise filled with bubbling hot springs and sprawling green pastures.

Just note that you will need a permit to visit as the valley is located close to the Indo-China border. Permits can be found in Gangtok, a neighboring city.


Gulmarg is known for its incredible winter sports, but its beauty in springtime is equally enticing. Gulmarg skiing is one of the most significant tourist attractions, but you can just as much enjoy yourself strolling through the winding paths and rolling hills of this breathtaking town in the western Himalayas.

Araku Valley

Located in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Araku Valley greets visitors with endless valleys, waterfalls, natural rivers and streams. There are plenty of opportunities to find peace and tranquility among Mother Nature while learning about local culture and traditions from the famous Araku Tribal Museum. You can also explore the Borra Caves and adventure to the neighboring Katiki WaterFalls.

Wherever you decide to plan your visit, India is a beautiful country with tremendous diversity, history, and culture that is bound to leave a lifelong impression.