What is new? What is on the horizon?

The tech world has many surprises, and revolutions like the internet or social media’s impact are proof that some changes can be seen from miles away–just not taken seriously immediately. It’s all about the scope and making the right moves.

Here are a few emerging technology predictions that will showcase what the tech world has to look forward to.

Collaboration Enhancements

Voice, chat, and collaboration platforms are everywhere.

Many businesses use Skype or Slack to keep in touch and share work. Many gamers use Discord as a Slack platform for games. Google suite services such as Docs and Sheets allow shared productivity, and there are so many niche apps that come and go.

It’s all about finding the best way to do specific tasks, and sometimes combining multiple tasks. With growing privacy concerns, even the best idea that does everything can be rejected for older technology if there’s a lack of trust.

New platforms, new ideas, rejections of those ideas, polishing off old technology such as Internet Relay Chat (IRC), and other twists and turns are on the horizon.

Edge Routing and Edge Computing

Cloud computing changed the ways that the world used web resources. Rather than storing files and running apps on expensive, specific hardware with rigid restrictions, the cloud allowed flexibility.

As more people used the cloud and more complex cloud tasks were developed, progress created new demands. Apps and entire systems can run on the cloud, but the delays left a lot to be desired.

One way to alleviate the delays is to place certain routing and processing devices at the edge of the cloud rather than sending requests all across a wide, cloud-based network with internet-based delays.

This is essentially going back to move forward. High-priority processes are handled by specific systems on the edge, and other delay-tolerant tasks are sent to the deeper cloud.

As newer technologies emerge, the tech world will likely see edge routing phased out or molded into newer techniques.

5G Connectivity

5G is more than just faster wireless internet, but that’s still an important point.

With 5G slated to be up to 100 gigabits per second at launch, it will be faster than many home internet connections. While gigabit internet exists in some markets, many suburban and rural areas still struggle on less than 100mbps or even dial-up speeds.

This represents a massive upgrade in connectivity for distant parts of the world, not just specific countries. The increase in communications will allow concepts, instructions, and even aid to be coordinated easier.

Anything that uses data transmission is enhanced, and it’s more than just chatting or downloading. Instant transmission of large amounts of data can transform barren oasis into backup data locations.

The creation of data economies in otherwise economically-starved areas is just one of the many side-effects of 5G, and many more will be completely unexpected.

With each change, a new set of ideas and entirely new ways of thinking can be unlocked. Contact a technology consultant to discuss more changes on the horizon.