There is no doubt that technology has introduced a vast number of conveniences that can make certain transactions smoother and more straightforward. With technology, you can view all the splendors of a foreign country without leaving your home, stay in touch with a friend half a world away, or even have groceries delivered right to your door. As convenient as technology has made certain aspects of life, however, it doesn’t come without drawbacks. Here are three ways that technology may be having a detrimental impact on humanity. 

  1. Easier connection creates greater disconnection

While you may think of loneliness as merely being an emotional issue, the truth is that isolation can increase the risk of mortality by up to 26%. Loneliness may quickly become the next public health crisis and represent a threat every bit as severe as obesity or substance abuse. While technology can help us stay connected, the ease of connection may be prohibiting us from creating the kind of deep connection we need. 

  1. A life of convenience may not adequately prepare us to face challenges

In a world where we can be instantly approved for everything from an auto loan to a mortgage, the idea of waiting for anything may soon be a distant memory. The adage that good things come to those who wait, however, is just as true today as it ever was. People who save up and make lifestyle changes to put a significant down payment on a house will inevitably come out far better financially than those that rush into a purchase with a high-interest rate and no down payment. Almost everything in life that we plan for carefully will end up generating far better results than things we rush into, but the convenience of technology may be diminishing our ability to be patient. 

  1. Too much connection makes it hard to disconnect

While connected tech may make everything more convenient, human beings need to connect to other things besides technology. Some of those things can include connecting with nature and making non-technological connections with other people. Human beings still need physical contact, which technology may never be able to provide. The more dependent we become on our tech, the harder it can be to disconnect to make a connection with other things that are just as important.